Divine Mercy Sunday Blessings

Next Sunday is DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY, a very special time throughout the world. It is the mercy of God that saves us! We can’t have our usual Divine Mercy celebration in the Church, here at OLMC, Bristol, RI, so Fr Steve and I want to bring the Eucharist, in the Monstrance, to your homes to give families a blessing. You will stay on your porch or at your front door, and we will stay at the curb, in order to keep the social distancing rules. A simple blessing with our blessed Lord in the Eucharist. Then we will go to the next family on the list. All you need to do is sign up. Anyone can sign up. Parishioner, non parishioner, non Catholic. We will have to limit ourselves to Bristol, Warren, and Portsmouth. Email me at olmc141@gmail.com with your address by this Tuesday at 12noon. WE WILL PUT AN ITINERARY TOGETHER and then will let you know approximately what time we will come by your home We would ask you not to inform your neighbors so that crowds won’t form. Of course, they could contact us, and then we would move to their homes We want to bring our Blessed Lord to you in a way that respects the rules we are under currently. Depending on how many people sign up will determine starting time. May the Divine Mercy of God bless us and keep us safe, strong, and healthy.


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