No Cases Linked to Catholic Churches in RI – Thank you!

Dear Parishioners,

On behalf of our parish, I would like to thank you for the generosity and flexibility you have demonstrated as we continue to provide safe ways in which we can worship the Lord here at our church.

Please know that the guidelines enacted to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 have worked. The spread of COVID-19 has not been traced to any Catholic church in the State of Rhode Island. This reflects your willingness to follow safe protocols in order to protect fellow parishioners and our community at large. I am grateful. Just a reminder, in trying to keep with the Governor’s expressed concerns today:

(1) Please come to Mass wearing a mask and continue to sanitize your hands.

(2) If you are sick—even with the mildest of symptoms—you must stay home. We continue to live-stream the Masses for this purpose.

(3) This is important: please do not congregate in the church or outside, and always maintain distance of at least six feet between others when you are entering or exiting the church. Take your time leaving the Church. In some churches, parishioners sometimes exit at the same time and congregate in large groups outside. This is understandable. This generally works out fine here at Mount Carmel, but it is important to keep this protocol in mind. After all, we all need community. But this unfortunately defeats the purpose of keeping our distance to ensure everyone is safe.

Thank you for understanding the importance of these guidelines during this critical time. I am confident that with prayer, and the Lord’s unfailing help, we will get through this together. After all, God is in charge.
In Christ, Fr Zinno

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