Thanksgiving at OLMC

The earliest, and I would say the most American of American Holidays, is Thanksgiving. From the time of the pilgrims, our earliest ancestors knew to give thanks and to invite others to join them. The first thanksgiving, the new arrivals to these shores shared a banquet (probably lobster and not Turkey) with the men and and women who were native to these shores. Now, some 400 plus years later, in this anxious and desperate year of 2020, we put aside for a moment the difficulties of these nine months, as did our ancestors and their new friends did of old, and give thanks, for all the blessings that we may have forgotten about during these past 257 days. AND THE BEST WAY TO GIVE THANKS? Come to our Thanksgiving Mass at 9AM on Thanksgiving day ( socially distant, but close in heart, masks required, but a smile as well). We will live stream as usual if you are unable to join us. So, from the Staff of the Church and School of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bristol RI, a most blessed Thanksgiving Never forget the Lord’s generosity to us, and then pay it forward in acts of kindness, mercy and generosity! -Fr Henry Zinno. -Fr Stephen Battey

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