Criteria for choosing a Confirmation Sponsor

It is the very ancient custom of the church that a sponsor accompanies a person being presented for confirmation in the Church. The function of the sponsor is:

  1. Together with the bishop, to represent the church in receiving the candidate into full communion of the Church.
  2. To assist the candidate in his or her Christian education and formation.

Only one sponsor is required, either male or female.

In accord with Canon 874 of the Church’s Code of Cannon Law, the Church can admit a person to the role of sponsor if:

  1. They are themselves a Confirmed Catholic
  2. They are at least sixteen years old
  3. That, if married, they are validly married according to the laws of the Catholic Church
  4. The chosen sponsor must regularly take part in the Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
  5. Lead a life of harmony with the Catholic faith
  6. Sincerely believe and strive to put into practice the Word of God as taught by the Catholic Church
  7. The intended sponsor may not be a parent of the candidate.

All intended sponsors must meet with his or her own pastor and complete a sponsor certificate (click for the form). The candidate must then present this certificate to the Faith Formation Coordinator before the deadline that is listed on the Confirmation calendar.