Confirmation Service Project

Each candidate for the Sacrament of Confirmation is expected to complete a project of Christian Service as part of the requirements for the reception of the Sacrament.  The project should begin in the first year of preparation and continue throughout the duration of the preparation program.  The projects of Christ like service are to help the candidate explore areas of apostolic activity that should be a part of our lived and practiced Catholic faith.

For practical purposes, parents are asked to oversee the service hours.  It is recommended that approximately 15 service hours be completed.  One time service is not acceptable.  The program seeks the candidate’s initiative and willingness to begin and follow through in their chosen area of service and the hope is that this will manifest personal responsibility and a sense of commitment to the wider parish community and the community in general.

Candidates are encouraged to become involved in a parish ministry for their service.  This may include altar service, choir, lector, usher, rosary and altar society, feast committee, assisting in the religious education program.  Service hours done at school are also acceptable.  Contact names and phone numbers for these can be found on the parish bulletin or by calling the rectory at 253 – 9449.

It is required that the candidates begin their service by the end of October.  Verification in writing and completion of this form, from the organization being served, not a parent or relative, is due by the second weekend in March.  Projects may continue beyond that date.  Candidates will not be considered for Confirmation II or the reception of the Sacrament, until the service portion of the requirements has been met.

Click here for the Service Project Form.