Religious Education Guidelines Grades 1 – 8


  • All students are expected to attend weekend mass in their parish church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on a regular basis.  Formal religious instruction builds on the graces and the lessons learned in the home and from regular participation in the Eucharist.  Attending religious education classes does not take the place of Mass on a Sunday morning.  Students in grades 2, 7 and 8 must demonstrate a commitment to Mass attendance by signing an attendance sheet each week as part of the faith formation program.
  • Parents are expected to participate in scheduled parent sessions when they arise.  These meetings and activities are a vital part of the lifelong faith formation process and an aide for parents as the first and best educators of their children in the faith.  At least one parent from each family should be in attendance.
  • Class attendance is monitored.  Students can be excused from class by calling 253 – 5052 or email at
  • Students should report to class on time and remain until the class is completed.  Grades 1 -8 meet Sunday mornings from 10 – 11 a.m.  Students should arrive at the rear door of the school, located on High Street, not more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class time.  All students will also be dismissed at the rear door.  Parents are asked to meet younger children (grades 1 –5) at the door.
  • Any student found to be a distraction or disruption in class will be asked to report to the coordinator.  Parents will be notified on the second offense. Serious problems will be addressed as they arise.
  • All students are expected to treat fellow students and volunteer catechists with respect and consideration.  Parents will be held responsible for any damage a child may cause to church or school property, including desks, chairs, books, or the property of another student.  Religious Education students are to respect the property of the school and the contents of the students’ desks and classrooms.